How to double your customer base

[4 minute read] In my latest guest article for Bristol Recruitment agents Adlib, I talk about the approach and success I've had in working with growing businesses who do not have giant marketing budgets. Pop over to the Adlib website and read the full article here »

Fonts can influence the buying decision

Alphabet iStock round 150dpi[3 minute read] All small business owners want to find and engage as many techniques as possible to help people buy from them.

A small, but very important (and sometimes overlooked) method is being careful with the type faces you use in your PR and marketing (and not just in your logo and on your website).

Marketers are not the social media experts you think they are

I recently penned a bit of a thought provoking piece over on LinkedIn exploring the notion that everyone seems think that marketers 'Just do social media'. FInd out what I thin about that by hopping over there now Go to LinkedIn »

Scaling the solo entrepreneur's marketing mountain

I've penned another blog for the fabulous people over at Watertight Marketing. In it I've looked at some ways you, the the solo entrepreneur, can tackle the tasks of marketing one step-at-a-time...

3 reasons your marketing CV isn't standing out

curriculum vitae circle

We all know there’s an art to creating a good CV. And if you’re applying for a marketing role, there is absolutely no excuse for selling yourself poorly. I’m no recruitment expert, but I’ve been involved in interviewing numerous marketing candidates, so I’d very happy to share with you what I look for....

Tips on how to write a blog

I get asked 'What is a blog and why blog?' quite a lot. In this longer than usual article I've pulled together some basics and given some tips to business-strength blogging and why it could be right for you, your business and your customers.

How to not mess up your business networking follow up

In my latest guest article for Bristol Recruitment agents Adlib, I give tips on how to get your event follow-up right. Pop over to the Adlib website and read the full article here or download a quick How To guide with the 6 tips I gave Get Download >>

A marketing brief is not the same as production brief

Question Mark roundAnd neither is a sales brief. Or an app brief, a web brief, or a copy brief, or a creative brief, or come to think of it a research brief or a brief to purchase data.

My thoughts on this came about after posting a link to my free download on Watertight Marketing 'How to write a marketing brief in 10 simple steps'... I got a tweet asking what the difference is between a sales brief, a marketing brief and a production brief, and here's what I say:

How Linkedin changed my prospect’s mind and got me a sale

In 2C 128px RWhen people ask me what I do for a living I say “I’m a marketing consultant and I help businesses stop wasting money on marketing”. Then they often say “Oh, you ‘do’ social media then?”.

Well, I’m not quite sure what they mean by that, but in the right place and at the right time social media is certainly a powerful communications tool, one of many in fact.

How to write a marketing brief (my first ever blog)

How to write a brief blogNot quite the first blog I ever wrote (but almost), was a little piece called 'How to write a marketing brief in 10 simple steps'.

It was for Bryony Thomas and what was then her consultancy Clear Thought Consulting (now Watertight Marketing) and is still very popular on the Watertight Marketing website today.

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