Getting the whole team on board with social media

teamSocial Media is an activity that everyone can get involved with, or at the very least be aware of the company's strategy and policy.

But, how does a business get the whole team's buy-in, and how do they know if they will be any good at it (let alone willing to do it)?

Read on for some help and advice on how to get the whole team to pull together for the social media effort.

How to structure a case study

case studyWhether for presenting online or in print, a case study should be engaging and informative and most of all let the benefits of working with you shine. It should demonstrate how you helped others with a challenge, problem or issue they had.

Follow these simple steps for how to structure a case study, and you'll soon be sharing your customer success stories with others. A case study is also an ideal place to work in the Watertight Marketing 'Logic Sandwich' concept - top and tail with emotion (see page 48 and 49 of the book).

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