Are you a start-up?

Maybe we can help. In collaboration with graphic design expert Emma Lang Design and the brilliant Peter Mathews at Far Design Web Development we can help start-ups get on the first rung of business. Is that something you'd be interested in?

Want to know what's involved?

Pound Sign roundIf your budget is modest, we can offer you some marketing basics including a beautiful brand, a simple but perfectly formed website and some advise on how to move forward with your marketing. Including some advice on social media marketing if that's your cup of tea.

Starter for six

If you've already got a business plan and a great product, have a think about the following questions. If you've already got an inkling about your answers, you half way to a marketing conversation already.

  • Can you describe the different ways your customers interact with your business?
  • Can you describe the way you convert and enquiry into a sale?
  • Can you describe the material you provide to a customer before, during and after a sale?

But it all starts with a chat about your goals, so if you have some in mind for your business, please get in touch if you would like some help reaching for them.

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